CTS/RTS, WIFI wireless and CSMA/CA

I need an assistant to answer the following questions:

Given a WIFI network in the drawing. The large circles represent transmission ranges of stations A and D, and small dashed circles represent ranges of B and C. Assume that there is no loss of parcels on the network other than a collision.

enter image description here

  1. When Station C transmits to B Who are the hidden terminals?
  2. When station C transmits to B which stations are silent because they received an RTS/CTS message?

Given that Station A transmits to B and after expansion time Station C wants to transmit to D.

  1. Assume that no collision detection/collision avoidance/ACK mechanism exists. Hanna claims that only C’s message will reach her destination. Is Hannah right? necrosis.
  2. In the directive that only uses CSMA/CA (i.e. without the RTS/CTS mechanism), Anna claims that only A’s message will reach its destination. Dana claims that the 2 messages will reach your destination. Who is right? necrosis.
  3. Oren offered to improve utilization by upgrading the protocol by adding an RTS / CTS mechanism. Is Oren right?