Custom Entity View Date Picker

I have a custom entity with a date field in it. I have spent a lot of time reviewing several posts related to this issue:

I have not been able to resolve the issue in my project. I have determined that I needed to add some code in my file such as below

function timeoff_views_data_alter(array &$  data) {   $  data['time_off_day']['timeoffdate']['filter']['id'] = 'datetime'; } 

I have not been able to get the datepicker to work, nor can I get the debugger to stop in the routine. I have better-exposed filters and data popup installed and the date pickers are working on all the other date fields in the site. My custom entity has a created date and then a timeoffdate, date picker in the view works on the created date and not the timeoffdate. But in the add/edit they are both working fine.

I also want to note that the module is timeoff wiht multiple custom entities. The entity that I am specifically working on is time_off_day.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.