Custom module javascript Drupal.behaviours doesn’t seems to load

I have a custom module which has a javascript file. Here’s the content of the javascript file:

(function ($  , Drupal) {     Drupal.behaviors.promotionalOverlayBlock = {         attach: function(context, settings) {             console.log("hello world")         }     }; })(jQuery, Drupal); 

The location of javascript file:


In my mymodule.libraries.yml file it has the following:

mymodule:   js:     js/overlayblock.js: {}   dependencies:     - core/jquery     - core/jquery.once     - core/drupalSettings 

When I load my drupal page, I expecting to see the “hello world” in the browser console. However, nothing show up. I view the page html code and search for my javascript there, but I can’t seems to find anything related to my javascript file.

What could be the problem here?