DB2 Read – Write locks

I am working on a web application which involves inventory management. My application uses DB2 as the database.

1)In my application, there is a module which just inserts the records. This can happen at anytime since the records are entered by customers.

  1. And there is another stand along module which reads and updates the records entered. This module never Inserts records. It just updates. And this module is scheduled so it will run once an hour.

My question is, the second module can read and update the records without an issue if the first module is inserting a record at the same time? I am not referring to the record just being entered at the time but the other records in the table that needs processing. ( Bottom line is when first module inserts data, can my second module read and update data in separate rows at the same time ? )

I am very new to DB2 and heard about the locking in DB2. That is why I raised this question.

Thank you in advance.