dbeaver check sql for syntax without running

Using the dbeaver tool, I want to check a script for syntax errors without actually running it.

Purpose: For a long insert query (postgresql syntax, PostgreSQL 10.15) in the form of:

INSERT INTO schema1.table1 (t1_id, fk1_id, fk_2_id, col1, col2)   VALUES            (nextval('schema1.sq_table1'),fk1_id_1,fk1_id_2,col1_val_1,col1_val_2),             -- etc, literally thousands of lines 

I cannot run the prod-version of the query in a not-prod region, because the foreign keys are different.

So is there a way to just check the SQL’s syntax without running it. (It throws foreign key constraint errors in the not-prod region, so I ( that verifies the syntax, but I’d like to be doubly-sure.