D&D 5E – Can Mimics be “created”?

Okay, obligatory “I’m a very new DM and may have missed information available to me/this might be a stupid question“.

Essentially, I want to know if it’s possible to create a mimic, say via a ritual or other magic. I’m thinking of creating an antagonist/villain that is experimenting with creating more and more powerful mimics to infest cities, attack travellers, sneak in to places to kill political figures or whatever.

From what I’ve gathered, mimics are intelligent enough that they can in theory be tamed (albeit with difficulty) provided you can feed them so I’m not too worried about that. However, I haven’t found an ‘official’ way that mimics reproduce or come into being. A lot of people have suggested something akin to mitosis provided a mimic eats enough to amass enough energy/power, but an ‘origin’ isn’t fully established (from what I’ve found).

Again, I’m very new to the game – would it be possible to kill someone and imbue their soul in to an object? Are there ways to give items life or sentience?

I don’t mind homebrewing and mine and players’ attitude so far has been fun/story over rules, but I like being able to back it up with some numbers and proper notes, so I’d really appreciate some thoughts and feedback. Thank you!