Defining a new wavelet (Fibonaci wavelet)

I want to define a new wavelet (Fibonacci wavelet) in the reference I read the tutorials on Wolfram Site @Jason B. ‘ s answer and also @Sektor ‘s answers. But I still have some problems in my code while defining wavelet function in Eq. (6). enter image description here

Clear["Global`*"]; g[n_, t_] := 1/Sqrt[Int[Fibonacci[n, t]^2, {t, 0, 1}]] Fibonacci[n, t] FibonacciWavelet[]["WaveletQ"] := True FibonacciWavelet[]["OrthogonalQ"] := True FibonacciWavelet[]["BiorthogonalQ"] := False FibonacciWavelet[]["WaveletFunction"] := g[#1, #2] & 

When I run the following code; I get the error WaveletPsi::bbdwave: The specification FibonacciWavelet[2] is not a valid wavelet specification recognized by the system.

WaveletPsi[FibonacciWavelet[2], x] 

enter image description here

\[CapitalPsi][n_, m_, t_] :=2^((k-1)/2)WaveletPsi[FibonacciWavelet[m], 2^((k - 1)/2) t - n + 1] k = 2; M = 3; Column[Table[ Simplify@\[CapitalPsi][i, j, t], {j, 0, M - 1, 1}, {i, 1, 2^(k - 1), 1}] // Flatten]