deleting/editing xml using php

function myFunction(xml) { var i; var xmlDoc = xml.responseXML; var table="<td style=’height:50px’; colspan=’3′>All OrderCustomerShip toDateTotal"; var x = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("olist"); for (i = 0; i <x.length; i++) { table += "<input type=’checkbox’ name=’choose[]’ value=’x[‘+i+’]’/>"+ x[i].getElementsByTagName("number")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue + "" + x[i].getElementsByTagName("customer")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue + ""+ x[i].getElementsByTagName("shipping")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue + "" + x[i].getElementsByTagName("time")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue + "";
} document.getElementById("tab").innerHTML = table;


here is my table which is displayed after being read from the xml file, the user has the choice to edit/delete a row from the table, and the data from the xml file has to be edited/deleted as well. How can I identify the user’s choice from the checkbox and delete the node from the xml file?