Describe this Turing machines

I need to describe a Turing machine that it can be multitape.

$ M = (Q,Σ,Γ,δ,q_0,q_a,q_r)$ .

Who decide that language.

$ L=\{\#uqv\#u’q’v’\#:u,v,u’v’∈(Γ\setminus\{\sqcup\}^*,q,q’∈ Q$ and$ (u,q,v) \Rightarrow (u’,q’,v’)\}$ according to M.

on alphabet.

$ \Sigma’=Q\cup(Γ\setminus\{\sqcup\})\cup\{\#\}$

But I not sure to understand the language and the alphabet $ \Sigma’$ , do you have exemple that could help me to understand. Thanks