Deserialize only some fields from a JSON file

I’m trying to parse a very large JSON string in Unity. I do not need all the fields and I can’t create a class with all the members.

It appears that all examples I have found, including the official docs, always deserialize and map every field to class members, which I cannot do for my application.

I tried creating a class that is similar to the JSON string, meaning that it has some members of the target JSON, just not all of them. But it’s not working as desired: all members of my class are always undefined after deserializing.

Here’s part of the string:

{     "Robots":[{"CanReset":false,     "CycleTime":123.875,     "Info":null,     "LevelInfo":null,     "Name":"FTF_10033",     "State":0,"     ...     }, ... } 

So I tried creating these classes:

[Serializable] public class jsonData {     public Robot[] robots; }  [Serializable] public class Robot {     public string Name = "Unknown AGV"; } 

And printing the results:

var jsonString = www.downloadHandler.text; jsonData jsonData_ = JsonUtility.FromJson<jsonData>(jsonString); Debug.Log("Json data: " + jsonData_); Debug.Log("Robots: " + jsonData_.robots); 

jsonData_ prints Json data: jsonData_, and jsonData_.robots prints nothing (just Robots:).

Is there any way to parse just these particular fields out of the JSON string?

I would be content with something like jsonString["robots"][0]["name"] or something.