Detecting changes in surrounding Wi-Fi networks

I’m considering developing a simple WiFi scanner and logging App that can run as a service 24 hours a day for months passively collecting changes in the surrounding wireless environment with the following features:

  • Log changes to BSSDs, ESSDs SSIDs, signal strength, number of clients, etc.
  • Displaying everything on a simple dashboard;
  • Notifications of new access points setup in the surrounding area;
  • Notifications of new WiFi clients;
  • Notifications of SSID changes;
  • Possibly capture handshakes (though that’s not a primary objective);
  • Run on a low cost platform such as a Raspberry Pi with a simple apt-get install to get it started.

I’m very well aware that other solutions exit such as Kismet Logging but I don’t want invest too much time recreating a solution that already exists. Is there something that already does all of this, or a combination of tools I can try? E.g. Kismet & Kibana in a Docker image?