Develop Meeting/Schedule-App in Android for students and teacher

I would really enjoy to learn to develop apps in Android. I already started with some tutorials in Android Studio, and most of the stuff I understand and its all quite understandable for me. I have already much experience in C++, SQL, Python and little bit Java and JavaScript.

My Idea

I would like to develop an app, where you can create an account and login yourself. There should be student accounts and teacher accounts, in the students case they can choose the teacher they want and make a entry in his/her schedule plan. The teacher accounts should be able to get a notification if there is a new entry and be able to accept the entry or not.

The question

The thing is, I don’t really know if I can develop this alone or if it’s maybe too much for only one person. Also I would appreciate ideas or tips where I can educate myself more on this specific topics so I can develop this Project. What could I implement or maybe read about to get more knowledge and what could help me out to build this project?