Developer to Production Cashe

Magento 2.2 Hi all been using MAGE for about 2 months now and I am a Neophyte to front and back end. I am looking for a little guidance in changing form “developer” to “production” mode. I don’t use the CL, I use a combo of my FTP access and CMS.

  1. What is the order of changing modes?
  2. What cashe folders do I delete?

I changed modes by going to:

  1. app/etc/ and opening env.php
  2. then I changed MAGE_MODE’ => ‘developer’ to MAGE_MODE’ => ‘production’

I have read that I have to delete the files in the cash folders.

  1. What should I do first? Delete cashe or change modes?
  2. Which folders and which files should I clear from what file paths?(In the examples I have seen the file structure is different from mine).

I have read a few articles and posts on when to use which mode but I am still a little unclear. Could you give me examples of what mode to use for what?

  1. Developer mode: What tasks should I do in this mode?
  2. Production mode: What tasks should I do in this mode?

I hope this is not too tall an order to ask. So please forgive my newness to Magento. I really appreciate you offering your professional advice and time!!!!

Thank you so much !!! Humbly, the Mage_Neophyte