Did I fall for an Amazon scam? (Amazon Photos Credit)

So just 30 minutes ago, I was looking through some emails that ended up in my scam, and as usual there are amazon emails with recommendations based on past purchases and stuff like that. Then there is these new email asking that if I were to upload a photo to Amazon Photos I may be eligible for $ 10 in amazon credit. So in a moment of weakness I uploaded a photo and so on. Then I realized that this may have been a scam. I look through the email and I only find the link Amazon.com. This potentially scam email came from store-news@amazon.com. According to amazon, links ending with “@amazon.com” are real, however some people on Facebook claim it to be a scam. After uploading a photo I get an email that did not end up In my spam folder from no-reply@amazon.com. I got on a live chat and the first person I spoke to said that it was a scam, and that amazon does not offer such credit. He put me on with someone in the appropriate department and she said that it was not a scam. Can anyone confirm if this is indeed a scam. I have setup two-factor authentication and changed my password and got rid of unnecessary information on my account, but I am kinda freaking out. Any clear information would be great.