Did PHP’s rand() get better?

I know that PHP used the system implementation for its rand() function, which is usually a weak LCG or LFSR implementation. Did this change? In case it still does, I am using Fedora 32.

PHP states in its documentation that rand() does not create cryptographically secure values.

I’ve written a small script, that creates a 400x400px PNG by randomly coloring pixels black or white:

<?php  $  resolution = 400;  header("Content-type: image/png"); $  im = imagecreatetruecolor($  resolution, $  resolution)     or die("Cannot Initialize new GD image stream");  $  white = imagecolorallocate($  im, 255,255,255);  for ($  y = 0; $  y < $  resolution; $  y++) {     for ($  x = 0; $  x < $  resolution; $  x++) {         if (rand(0, 1)) {             imagesetpixel($  im, $  x, $  y, $  white);         }     } } imagepng($  im); imagedestroy($  im);  ?> 

I cannot see patterns anymore when using the function in PHP7.3 though. May there be patterns at a level I cannot display in my experiment?


enter image description here

for use where unbiased results are critical

according to PHP’s docs

enter image description here