Different column data in same row

select Distinct REGEXP_SUBSTR (Order_NO,'[^,:]+’, 1, 2) AS Order_NO1, –REGEXP_SUBSTR (Task_Name,'[^,:]+’, 1, 2) AS Task_Name, REGEXP_SUBSTR (Item_No,'[^,:]+’, 1, 2) AS Item_No, REGEXP_SUBSTR (Style_No,'[^,:]+’, 1, 2) AS Style_No, TASK1,TASK2,TASK3 from (select REGEXP_SUBSTR (task_details, ‘[^,]+’, 1, 1) AS Order_NO ,REGEXP_SUBSTR (task_details, ‘[^,]+’, 1, 2) AS Task_Name , REGEXP_SUBSTR (task_details, ‘[^,]+’, 1, 3) AS Item_No ,REGEXP_SUBSTR (task_details, ‘[^,]+’, 1, 4) AS Style_No ,initiated_date,due_date,update_time, case when task_name=’TASK1′ then update_details else null end as TASK1, case when task_name=’TASK2′ then update_details else null end as TASK2, case when task_name=’TASK3′ then update_details else null end as TASK3 from (select distinct a.task_id, b.task_category, b.task_name, b.initiated_date, b.due_date, b.task_details,a.update_time, a.update_details, a.username as initiator_or_updater, c.user_id AS assigned_user FROM Dashboard_Task_Completed b, dashboard_task_history A, dashboard_task_user c WHERE (a.update_time, A.task_id) in ( select MAX(UPDATE_TIME),task_id from dashboard_task_history dh where dh.task_id=a.task_id group by task_id ) and a.task_id=b.task_id and a.task_id=c.task_id and c.isescalation=’N’ and c.isreview=’N’ and b.task_category in (select Distinct(Task_Category) from Taskconfig where task_category=’TANDA’) ORDER BY a.task_id,a.update_time asc) order by task_id,update_time);

Current Output: enter image description here

Need Output Like below: enter image description here