Disallow line breaks in long Row

I’m displaying a long row of images with a horizontal scrollbar that should make the images ‘go off the screen’ to the left or right, instead of wrapping to display all the images on multiple lines.

images = Table[    ExampleData[RandomChoice[ExampleData["TestImage"]]], {i, 30}]; Pane[Row[images], Scrollbars -> {True, False}] 

I don’t know how to force the layout engine to not wrap the elements of the array. Appending SpanFromLeft or other spanning restrictions to each element doesn’t work. LineBreakWithin -> False would seem to be the easiest solution, but it doesn’t work, and isn’t ‘fully integrated’ into the language and ‘subject to change’. Perhaps some setting of LinebreakAdjustments would do it, but it probably fails for the same reason LineBreakWithin does.

How can I tell Row to have an infinite page width and not wrap while formatting so that Pane can just scroll one longer-than-screen width row of images?