Display a colour of custom taxonomy on the page

I’ve created a custom taxonomy called “colour”

// Taxonomy  add_action( 'init', 'create_colour_taxonomy' );  function create_colour  _taxonomy() {     $  labels = array(         'name'                           => 'Colours',         'singular_name'                  => 'Colour',         'search_items'                   => 'Search Colours',         'all_items'                      => 'All Colours',         'edit_item'                      => 'Edit Colour',         'update_item'                    => 'Update Colour',         'add_new_item'                   => 'Add New Colour',         'new_item_name'                  => 'New Colour Name',         'menu_name'                      => 'Colour',         'view_item'                      => 'View Colour',         'popular_items'                  => 'Popular Colour',         'separate_items_with_commas'     => 'Separate colours with commas',         'add_or_remove_items'            => 'Add or remove colours',         'choose_from_most_used'          => 'Choose from the most used colours',         'not_found'                      => 'No colours found'     );      register_taxonomy(         'colour',         'page',         array(             'label' => __( 'Colour' ),             'hierarchical' => false,             'labels' => $  labels         )     ); } 

I’ve also created a color (colorpicker) field in the ‘colour’ taxonomy called ‘colour_acf’ with ACF PRO (screenshot attached).

All I want is to display the colours (‘colour_acf’) of the custom taxonomy ‘colour’ on the page. For example:

I have a page “Product #1” where I add with my custom taxonomy ‘colour’ the colours: red, blue, yellow. I’ve add the required colors for this taxonomies with ACF colorpicker. How can I display that colorpicker values?

Thanks! enter image description here enter image description here