Display settings custom fields

I added a few custom fields to my General Settings page (using the but now I can’t figure out how to display them on the front end.

This is the code I have:

add_action( 'admin_init', 'register_settings' );  function register_settings() { register_setting(      'general',      'html_guidelines_message',     'esc_html' ); add_settings_section(      'site-guide',      'Contato',      '__return_false',      'general'  ); add_settings_field(      'telefone_field',      'Telefone',      'phone_input',      'general',      'site-guide'  ); add_settings_field(      'email_field',      'Email',      'email_input',      'general',      'site-guide'  ); add_settings_field(      'address_field',      'Endere├žo',      'address_input',      'general',      'site-guide'  ); }       function phone_input() { echo '<input type="tel" name="footer_message" id="footer_phone" placeholder="(xx) xxxxx-xxxx">'; }  function email_input() { echo '<input type="email" name="footer_message" id="footer_email" placeholder="email@email.com">'; }  function address_input() { echo '<input type="text" name="footer_message" id="footer_street" placeholder="Rua Nome da Rua, 111"></br><input type="text" name="footer_message" id="footer_city" placeholder="Rio de Janeiro - RJ 00000-000"'; }