Display `Table` output as a 3D bar chart

Create a simple function with arguments {i,j}, and make a Table for an array of values. For example:

f[i_, j_] := i*j;  data = Table[f[i, j], {i, 1, 25}, {j, 1, 25}] 

I want to create a 3D ‘bar chart’ of data – i.e., a plot that has a column of height f[i, j] at each Cartesian point {i,j} (ideally a block-shaped column with width and depth 1 centred on {i,j}. It sounds dead simple…

But ListPlot3D creates a meshed surface, not a series of columns, and I can’t see an option to change this. And Histogram3D doesn’t accept the format of data, and in any case I can’t get my head around how it generates 3D information from pairs containing only 2 data points each – it’s set up for data sampling, not plotting.