DnD 5e Artificer Armor plus Boots/Gloves/Helmet/Belt/etc

The wording of "Arcane Armor" includes this phrase: "[The armor] also expands to cover your entire body, although you can retract or deploy the helmet […]"

At level 9 you gain "Armor Modifications", which allows you to infuse multiple parts of the armor (chest, boots, helmet, and weapon).

  • So, before I get to level 9, can I wear magical boots and/or gloves? Or does my armor cover my hands and feet in such a way that I can’t? Same for a magical helmet: can I wear one while my Arcane Armor helmet is retracted?

  • After I reach level 9, can I infuse (or find) a pair of gloves and put them on? Gloves aren’t in the list of separate infusable Armor parts. Can I find a pair of boots that aren’t infusions and wear them?

I am assuming that when my armor covers my entire body, that’s just for flavor, rather than a way to prevent me from being too awesome, and that the separate infusable parts are more for convenience … but you never know.