Dnd 5e Chainlock issues

Can I, as a poor Chainlock, deliver the Touch spell Flock of Familiar by my Imp Familiar on itself in range of 100ft to me and let my Imp have up to five invisible Quasit-bats spying for it and telepathically reporting to my Imp and my Imp gives this telepathically to me as a kind of a beacon to me, while the Quasit-spies have to keep a mile around my Imp which can lead them far away from me still connected to me by Voice of the Chain Master communicating telepathically what my Imp sees through the Quasit senses, if all are on the same plane of existence? Voice of the Chain Master should let me see what one of the Quasit senses by perceiving my Imp’s senses as long all are on the same plane.

To make the Chainlock more equal useful to Tome/Blade-locks, change Chains of Carceri to Cast of the Chain Master (15th level and Voice of the Chain Master required): permits verbal only spells be deliverable through Voice of the Chain Master by a range of 100ft from the originating Warlock as performed by the familiar itself like touch spells can be delivered. If using an humanoid familiar (Imp, Quasit, Sprite) the Warlock can perform all its known spells through the familiar by telepathically bond everywhere on the same plane all have to be, if the familiar is not gagged, grappled etc. (avoiding the words chained and bound for not confusing) and the familiar is equipped with the necessary material components. [Are there materials to big to handle for Imp/Quasit/Sprite?]