Do Google and others care how much CPU/GPU is used by the web browser to render a webpage?

Let’s say that I have a hypothetical webpage:

I have an absolutely positioned HTML5 <video> tag that is set to automatically play. It is sized to occupy the entire browser window and functionally be the page’s background image.

On top of said video I have an inline SVG whose child elements each have a CSS @keyframes animation which cause them to scale and translate forever in a loop.

On top of that SVG I have some divs and images and text all with their own transition css property set. Javascript then adds and removes classes on these elements causing them to scoot around at various intervals using things like margin, left, and padding

Suffice it to say this page uses a lot of CPU to make all of these layers render and paint and draw and the like. If a user on a typical computer goes to this site their CPU will get hot and their fans will spin and all manner of bad things.

Does google care about any of this though? Are they looking at the computational cost of the site when they make their determination about page rank? Or, presuming this site of mine has all its other SEO ducks in a row – loads resources fast, not too many requests, good code, keywords, etc, will it achieve good rank despite killing user’s computers?