Do I face stability concerns updating to kernel v5.2.2 Stable?

Currently I’m using Ubuntu v19.04 and kernel version 5.0.0-22-generic. I’m using a brand new Laptop that has a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 dGPU (One of the major hardware support improvements in kernel version 5.2.2 Stable).

I’d like to upgrade to 5.2.2 stable kernel version but don’t want to experience significant complications with Ubuntu compatibility.


1) Is there a high likelyhood of this breaking my system? (minor compatibility issues aren’t a problem)

2) Since my system uses generic, would I just have to install the 64 bit kernel version?

3) Since using apt-get isn’t an option yet, what would be the next recommended way to upgrade? Ukuu, download from, etc

4) Will I still be able to use sudo apt update and sudo apt-get update normally if I force the kernel update?