Do Kellid barbarians from Numeria have a typical / trademark weapon?

I am going to play the Iron Gods Adventure Path soon and I am rolling a Kellid tribesman.

I’d like to be as faithful to the existing lore as possible, using some traditional weapon, but I have no idea where to find a list of those without finding spoilers for the adventure.

My research:

I have been told that Numerian -hunters- use spears, shortspears, javelins or thrown clubs. There’s a regional trait that improves these four weapons (all belonging to the thrown and tribal group, but notably not including thrown axes or daggers).

While playing the Pathfinder: Kingmaker videogame, I have seen people from the Tiger Lords tribe use greatswords.

Of course I expect a large number of NPCs of that ethnicity in Iron Gods and in the Kingmaker AP, which I should refrain from reading even if I had the chance.