Do Keywords Research And Competition Analysis For Your Website for $20

Do SEO keywords research and competitor analysis and moreYour business can’t do without good ranking keywords. My service will help you recover your business and identify what you need to do to make more profits. Do you want to know about optimal seo research before launching your online business? Then you are surely on the most suitable gig!!. I have been managing SEO keyword research in a software house since a whole decade and have delivered many SEO Research reports that include a range of industries with 100% full satisfaction guaranteed… I will find the absolute best Keywords to target your niche or business. What you will get with this Keyword Research:Finding keyword ideas for clients and assessing the difficulty of ranking for them. SEO keywords related to your main keyword or niche which will rankKWs Search VolumeResearching Minimum of 25 rankable keywords KWs Cost Per Click (CPC)KWs Paid DifficultyKWs Search DifficultyCompetitor AnalysisDisplays number of global monthly searches in cvs or PDF format of your choiceDisplay your keyword competition for TPBDisplay average Top per Page BidsDisplay total number of search results of GoogleDisplay Keyword Effectiveness Index (average)Note: If your target location is not a country, like a city or a state, please order Local KWs Research 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Note: My service will offer more than you will expect. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. I’ll not disappoint you.

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