Do long-lived races reach social maturity later than short-lived races? [closed]

In most long-lived player character races’ descriptions I see comments about how fast they physically mature and when they’re considered adults. What I am wondering is how fast they socially mature. This isn’t explicitly mentioned.

I ask because to me it seems obvious that probably most races in their late twenties have finished maturing socially. Sure, their personality will still change, but that’s different than maturity.

I have two thoughts about quickly races would mature.

  1. In some sense your "social maturity" is an accumulation of all your life experiences. In this way all races would mature at the same speed. (As in, maybe they have more or less experiences but there is nothing special about their race that affects it.)
  2. In another way your "social maturity" has to do with how well developed your brain is. Teenagers and people in their early twenties still do not have fully developed brains so still have not reached social maturity. (It may make sense to call this "mental maturity" but I’ve never heard the phrase and it seems needlessly specific.) — This would imply that races that are super intelligent might mature faster and ones that aren’t might mature slower. (A problem with this view is that it tries to make a standard meaning of what maturity means,

My initial guess is that all races mature socially at the same speed but I’m curious if there are answers in the lore.