Do multiple baldric, bane items stack?

Following up on my question about if baldric, bane would grant early access to bane and greater bane for an inquisitor (it does), now I wonder if two such items stack? If you had a baldric, bane and a slotless baldric, bane, would you be considered 10 levels higher for the purposes of bane?

Baldric, Bane

If the wearer is an inquisitor, she is treated as five levels higher when using her bane and greater bane abilities . If the wearer is not an inquisitor, she gains the bane ability of a 5th-level inquisitor, but must first attune a light or one-handed melee weapon to the baldric by hanging it from the cloth for 24 hours, and can only use the bane ability with the attuned weapon. Attuning a new weapon to the baldric ends the attunement for the previous weapon.