Do objects/magical effects have to interact with Mirage Arcane?

The Mirage Arcane spell says:

Creatures with truesight can see through the illusion to the terrain’s true form; however, all other elements of the illusion remain, so while the creature is aware of the illusion’s presence, the creature can still physically interact with the illusion.

This similar question discusses the interaction between a character and the illusion as being optional if the character has Truesight. Does this optional interaction apply to the following:

  • Objects attempting to pass through the illusion (i.e. a character wanting to shoot a ranged weapon through the illusion)?
  • Magical effects attempting to pass through the illusion (i.e. does a caster have a Clear Path to the Target for a spell effect)?
  • Does the ability to perceive through the illusion apply only to creatures with Truesight or can characters with a blindsight type ability like a Rogue’s Blindsense allow the character to ignore the illusion within their range?