Do ranged attacks end Time Stop?

How do ranged weapons work in a time stop? 5e Time Stop ends when I directly affect another creature. In other words, if I cast a spell that affects another creature or try to hit somebody with a melee weapon. How does this interact with ranged attacks? If I shoot an arrow or use a sling, will my missile keep going, or stop when it leaves my bow/sling? If I throw a bunch of knives, will they keep going and hit an enemy, breaking my Time Stop, or will they stop moving once they leave my hand and resume motion once the time has begun to move normally?

On a related note, if I were to use Creation in a Time Stop to drop a 5-foot cube of steel on top of an enemy’s head, that would wait until normal time to actually fall on them, right? It wouldn’t fall in stopped time and break it early, would it?

Why am I asking? No real reason, I just thought it might be nice to have this information.