Do Rokugan’s Dragons have three or four toes?

I couldn’t find it in what my collection gives me (or I am blind), but: is there a mention in the sources – or an official depiction – that details if Rokugani Dragons have three or four toes on their hands?

Or… might it be totally different and have five as depicted in some of the TCG cards?

To establish lore, let’s assume the following hierarchy, top to bottom:

  • text from Official RPG books for the Legends of the 5 Rings RPGs (Priority to the variant that has most mentions among different editions)
  • text from Oriental Adventures material not under the L5R rules
  • text Official Adventures not in the print products (aka official campaign)
  • Official L5R Novels text
  • Official RPG Artwork
  • Official TCG descriptions
  • Official TCG artwork