Do Story Point sizes for repetitive tasks change after you automate the task?

Here’s the Scrum situation:

  1. A certain task (implement a back end populated data table) is a frequent story
  2. The tables frequently have similar but custom functionality
  3. Each table takes about a week to implement (8 story points)
  4. Eventually the team invests 4 weeks to create a reusable component
  5. Now creating a new table is nearly instantaneous

My question: Is a new table story still an 8 because output /complexity has not changed? Or is it a 1 because effort is minimal?

My Research: When I took scrum training with Jeff Sutherland I left with the understanding that the story is still an 8 because story points measure output. The PM is still getting the same tables, they’re just being delivered 5x faster. It’s a genuine velocity improvement (doing the same work but faster)

But I’d like to verify that my understanding is right. Any help out there? We are looking for the formal scrum definition, btw. I’ve researched scrum inc’s site and gone through “The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” and can’t find documentation that my understanding is right or wrong.

Thank you!