Do the races of D&D have different core temperatures?

Are there any official sources of bioinformatics (for lack of better word; though mapping the elven genome might be a useful way to figure out their longevity…hmm…) for the races of Dungeons & Dragons? (Any edition) – besides the obvious height and weight tables in the Player’s Handbook.

Specifically, I’m looking for the core temperature of warm blooded races like dwarves, humans, elves. I’m also trying to figure out if Yuan-Ti pure blood spies can be identified via a simple thermometer test, assuming their snake features are hidden or minimal/not in a visible part of the body. (I have a character who looks human for all intents and purposes, but her abdomen is scaly, making her an ideal infiltrator.)

This is for a new custom setting where the snake people have essentially taken over the world. The warm blooded races are paranoid after years of being infiltrated and enslaved. And so I’m looking for the equivalent of the blood test in the movie The Thing with Kurt Russell.

Since this is a Post apocalyptic fantasy setting, with technology items pilfered from other planes, I’m also interested in a little bit more of the science and biology of the races. If in doubt, I’ll just make it up. Just figured I’d ask around first. Thanks!