Does a Morkoth’s Spell Reflection work against AOE spells like Fireball?

The Morkoth (Volo’s Guide to Monsters page 177-178) has a reaction called "Spell Reflection."

Spell Reflection. If the morkoth makes a successful saving throw against a spell, or a spell attack misses it, the morkoth can choose another creature (including the spellcaster) it can see within 120 feet of it. The spell targets the chosen creature instead of the Morkoth. If the spell forced a saving throw, the chosen creature makes its own save. If the spell was an attack, the spell is rerolled against the chosen creature.

My question is if this applies to AOE spells. The early wording only specifies it has to be a spell that forces a save or is an attack roll. However, "The spell targets the chosen creature instead of the Morkoth" seems to imply that it requires the spell to target the Morkoth specifically. Fireball isn’t a spell that mentions having any "targets."

Does the Morkoth’s Spell Reflection trait work on Area of Effect spells like Fireball?