Does a PC with the Noble background need to supply equipment for their retainers?

Looking at the Noble Variant feature "Retainer":

You have the service of three retainers loyal to your family. These retainers can be attendants or messengers, and one might be a majordomo. Your retainers are commoners who can perform mundane tasks for you, but they do not fight for you, will not follow you into obviously dangerous areas (such as dungeons), and will leave if they are frequently endangered or abused.

From what I understand, this gives you a +1 minion and +2 non-fighting servants. However, that does come into question where their equipment would come from: Such as cooking utensils, tents, bedrolls, rations, weapons, clothing, etc.

Is it assumed that a servants would come equipped with their needs? (Such as a cook would have their tools, the majordomo would have his equipment, etc?)