Does a spell cast from a Glyph of Warding with a range of Self have infinite effective range?

It is widely agreed that spells with a range of "Self" can be stored in a glyph of warding. The top answer to "What are the targeting range limitations of Glyph of Warding?" states:

That’s it: the spell is cast with all its normal statistics including range.

While the trigger of the glyph can be unlimited in range ("Trigger when I move 12,000 miles away") the spell that is cast is cast from the gylph with all its normal limitations.

Spells with a range of "Self" do not have a numerical range limit on them, and as stated above, there is no range limit on the trigger either. So, using glyph of warding, could I effectively trigger a "Self" range spell from any distance?

I cast fire shield into a glyph of warding in my home with the trigger "When I speak the command word ‘flame on’".

Could I then speak the command word to have fire shield cast on myself when I am 100 miles away in a dungeon, or on another plane?