Does anyone know the name of this RPG featuring possessed villagers in the Yorkshire Dales ca. 1980’s?

Years ago as a youngster I played an RPG book that was set in the Yorkshire Dales. I recall the story goes; you as the main character travel up to a remote Yorkshire mining village from London to visit a friend.

The village, surrounding areas and the mines have been overtaken by locals who have become possessed turning into zombies and other monsters. The weapons you have available are things like shotguns and kerosine bombs. I remember it begins by you walking up a country road to your friend’s house after journeying up to Yorkshire, it describes the moon being too high in the sky for the time of year as the starting narrative. A zombie/possessed man attacks you jumping out of the hedgerow on the roadside as the first enemy you face. You find the friend’s house abandoned and note left behind for you.

I would love to know the title of this book as I can’t find it online by a descriptive search, it was probably published in the 1980’s. I loved playing it as the concept and narrative were brilliant. I recall it was not one of the Steve Jackson / Ian Livingstone franchise titles but was an independent publication possibly published before they cornered the market on RPG books. If anyone can help me identify this book I’d be most grateful.