Does D&D physics enable a perpetual motion machine?

For various reasons perpetual motion machines are impossible in real life. They violate the laws of thermodynamics and cannot be created. It has been established, however, that D&D is not a physics simulator and the normal rules of physics do not apply.

Inspired by Shalvenay and MikeQ in chat. I was wondering, can a perpetual motion machine be made in D&D?

Imagine the following scenario:

Timmy the Tinkerer is going to a tinkering competition. The premise is simple; build the most magical device without using magic. The rules are as follows:

  • Magic cannot be used to create the item, and the item itself must not be magical.
  • It must be permanent, any item that relies on a once/day ability to sustain it will not count.
  • It must obey the physics of the material plane. No planar trickery is allowed.

Timmy decides he would love to make a perpetual motion machine.

Given these rules and using any officially available content; is it possible for Timmy to do this? For bonus points, how can he do it?