Does Linux Kernel Support RSA Encryption/Decryption?

I’m currently working on a prototype.I need RSA Encryption at the Linux Kernel level,although from my research,it seems that the Linux Kernel only supports signature verification.When I look through the code in rsa.c and rsa_helper.c, it seems that there is a rsa global struct that is set to static that has function pointers with variable names :- encrypt and decrypt.

Also,there is not a lot of documentation on the asymmetric API.The tcrypto.c does not even test any of the asymmetric crypto API.This seems to be a huge limitation.I am aware that asymmetric encryption is not as fast as symmetric encryption,but I need it for my prototype.

Hopefully,I will not need to roll my own RSA encryption/decryption routines, because this would be a major set back.