Does the Artificer’s Steel Defender get a Full turn?

I know the Steel Defender uses your initiative and goes immediately after you. What I’m not sure about is what is can actually do on its turn.

Does a Steel Defender get a full turn?

  1. Action
  2. Free Action (Item interaction)
  3. Bonus Action
  4. Move

I know it has the stat block that tells you what action it can take but it does not say anything about having or not having a bonus action and what it can do with that.
It also does not specify interactions

Example 1

SD uses bonus action to activate boots of speed and now has the ability to move 80′ around the battlefield potentially using up AoO of enemies and positioning itself at a choke point Then takes the Dodge Action

Now we have a speedy Gonzales that can get up next to people and provide Cover, Help or be a damage sponge before zipping over the the other side to block a charging enemy that appeared from around that corner you never checked

Example 2

Party member about to die SD pulls out HP potion out of bag (item interaction) and Dashes (action) to party member Party members turn take potion and drink it.

Basically a mobile Vending machine that can run in hand out potions and use its reaction to impose disadvantage.