Does the Awaken spell give or create a soul?

The Awaken spell adds sentience – granting ‘intelligence’ of 10 to either one beast or plant target (one that starts with an int score of 3 or less). It also adds mobility, ambulatory function, perceptions – and even capacity to grasp an entire bonus language. It can even talk. Yet inquiring minds want to know:

Under what conditions does Awaken grant &/or create a soul – if any?

Points of Interest & Confusion

  • This Awakened target (‘huge or smaller’) may be a beast. Beasts are both ‘living’ and ‘creatures’ – but does that mean they start with a soul?

  • Not everyone gets a life force! Animated creatures such as zombies, flesh golems and spell simulacra are specifically & expressly devoid of soul.

  • Are plants even creatures to begin with? Note: a single Mirage Arcane ‘illusion’ spell makes up to one mile square of plant-life.

Why this is of interest: Night hags, Liches, various raise-style spells, magic items and many other game-rulings pivot around this soul-spirit stuff. Even role-playing wise: should a dog require Awaken in order to get to heaven, many inquiring minds (& their characters) would like to know.