Does the Distant Spell Metamagic double the range of area of effect spells that have a range of self?

The Distant Spell Metamagic option gives you the ability to double the Range of a spell, or give a spell with range of Touch a range of 30ft.

If I would apply this to, let’s say, burning hands, which states as Range Self (15ft cone), would this increase the cone size to 30ft or would this cast the spell up to 30ft in front of you, with a 15ft cone still?

Other example, aganazzar’s scorcher has a Range of 30ft, and the description states:

A line of roaring flame 30 feet long and 5 feet wide emanates from you in a direction you choose.

Now to me, this implies the same thing as burning hands, but the Range does not contain Self.

RAW I would allow the second case to increase the AoE effect if it is cast with Distant Spell, but not the first, since it is of Range self. But obviously this does not make any sense, so which one is the correct interpretation?