Does the Frog Rider ability of a Bullywug Royal work with Giant Toads?

The Ghosts of Saltmarsh WOTC Hardcover contains a few new statblocks, including the Bullywug Royal, who has the following trait :

Frog Rider. The royal has advantage on melee attacks made while riding a frog mount.

However, the Bullywug Royal is a Medium creature, meaning it needs to mount a Large or larger creature. The largest frog creature is the Giant Frog, which is Medium, thus cannot be mounted by the Royal. That being said, the Giant Toad is a Large creature, and the fluff text of Royals says :

A bullywug royal is often accompanied by and mounted astride a giant toad.

Thus, does a Bullywug Royal benefit from “Frog Rider” while riding a Giant Toad ?