Does using links to other pages diliute the linking link juice/page rank?

There are lot’s of questions here about passing link juice to other pages, including Does how deep a page is in the page hierarchy affect it's ranking?. I’ve read several of them over the months, but I always come away wondering the same question.

Does linking to another page, dilute or burn some of the link juice the linking page has already earned? For example, if my current page has for example, a link juice of 10, and I link to another page, it passes a certain amount of juice (I’ll use 90% as an example) of the linking page’s juice, giving the page being linked to a .9 boost in it’s own link juice. However, does that mean the linking page’s page’s remaining juice is now less than 10?

While some of the questions would imply this to be the case, it seems counter intuitive as no one would ever want to link to any page outside of their own content for fear of losing page rank.