Does Vow of Poverty require you to starve?

So, this was clearly not intended, but I’m looking back at the Vow of Poverty with a legalist’s eye, and I see the following.

To fulfill your vow, you must not own or use any material possessions, with the following exceptions: … You may carry enough food to sustain you for one day in a simple (nonmagic) sack or bag. … If you break your vow, you immediately and irrevocably lose the benefit of this feat. You may not take another feat to replace it.

It says that you must not own or use, with the following exceptions… and the exception on food is one about carrying (owning) it. As far as I can tell, no exception is given for actually allowing you to eat the food, or even take it out of the bag and hold it in your hand for an extended period of time.

I suppose that you could wait until 5th level, where the Vow itself will provide for your food needs. If you have a very good friend who is capable of casting 4th-level cleric spells, they could cast sustain on you for however long you might need to make it to 5th level. Otherwise, though, it seems that the "vow of poverty at level 1" builds may be in trouble.

Is this correct?