Domain Ghosted on Mobile

I’ve had my domain and ecommerce shop,, since 2007. We also sold on Amazon, ebay a little, and Etsy since 2005. Since the pandemic started business took a big dive. Apparently we don’t wear makeup as much when we stay home or wear a mask.

So, we decided to shut down our shopify store and just sell on Etsy. I redirected our domain to our etsy shop URL, and redirected all of our shopping categories to our Etsy shopping categories. Thought that would do the trick. HOWEVER…HUGE ISSUE HERE….

When people just type in LA Minerals on Mobile just our social media comes up in search results, whereas before our ecommerce store came up in results. On a PC…our Etsy shop is first in results. (and I don’t know if that just because were cookied or if its that way for everyone. Maybe you could test that theory for me and type in LA Minerals on your pc and mobile? )

Domain is listed with bluehost and the only thing they could come up with is to advertise our domain on Google so we’d come up first in results and have the url lead to etsy.

An alternative I just thought of today is to use as a landing page for those that type in "LA Minerals" and have some info and a big SHOP NOW button that leads to etsy.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance