[ Drama ] Open Question : When did “Star Trek” truly begin for you – “TOS” or “TNG”?

For me “TNG” – I don’t even recognize “TOS” as being the same. IT was racist bullshit and I think William Shatner comes off as an asshole too. “TNG” was as blacks would say “gangsta.” “TOS” was lame racist bullshit. I’m Latin plus Picard was Latin so he wins. Shatner was an asshole. It’s like saying “TOS” is “Friends””TNG” was “Seinfeld” – more popular and cooler. And funnier too Gene Roddenberry was a white liberal asshole who thought whites were superior to Latins, blacks, etc. Neither do I count the movies as true “Star Trek” neither. The first true “Star Trek” movie for me was “Generations.”