Dream Experiences and experience gain

I’m about to run my D&D 3.P (Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 / Pathfinder) group through a "dream game" while they’re on a journey between the Material Plane and the plane of Mechanus on the equivalent of a spelljammer.

The material I could "easily" find on Dream is very limited… I have only been able to find a couple pages on it in Manual of the Planes… Is there any other materials that has any information on Dream?

Some background on what’s going on: a couple of my players have multiple characters. As my groups grown, they have had to pick which one is their "main" for that game session and can, within reason, switch them out ‘in town’. Two of the players have another set of characters for when the rest of the group doesn’t make it and they want to play anyway… No big deal, other than they’re fun monstrosities that shouldn’t be allowed to exist (one being a half-marilith kasatha, and the other being a half-balor ilithid), but they’re fun anyway.

So one guys "mains" are the half-marilith kasatha, and a melee oriented Goliath. The goliath has some Unarmed Strike ability, while the half-marilith kasatha is untrained in and unarmed.

Long story short, the goliath was knocked very unconscious on the outter hull of the spelljammer…

In this game, the "flogistom" is more akin to the 40K warp in that ‘strange’ things happen, especially if you use magic for anything other than spelljamming…

So, while the two are being healed, and it’s between games, I’m going to have the goliath be stuck in the Dream realm, forcing at least some of the group to learn Dreamwalking (not a big deal in my system to learn something on the fly, within reason for my system).

Now, my primary question is thus: Do the PCs gain any experience for their experiences within Dream?