Dual booting 18.04 with 2 SSDs: swap file or partition?

setting up dual boot with Dell 7820, 64gb ram, 2 2tb SSDs, Win10 workstation installed on SSD #1. Want to put Ubuntu 18.04 on SSD #2.

I understand 18.04 does not use a swap partition but rather a swap file. Still, some instructions I found said if you have a fast SSD or small ram you can set up a swap partition. I sometimes exceed my RAM and get a memory error under windows. Should I set up a swap partition, or swap file? I plan to devote 3x my RAM (64gb) = 200gb to swap, whether file or partition. This will still leave 1.8tb for root and home. I often use up my 64gb RAM and will be doing new things that would need vastly more RAM.

I’ve read other posts suggested, and it seems swap files are the default now because a swap partition is hard on an SSD. Seems confusing to me because swap is swap? Both will be on the #2 SSD. How do the two work differently?

If there is a way to make the 2 tb SSDs last longer it would be good.

Help understanding this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much,