Dungeon World Monster Attacks

  • Forgive me if this seems a total newbie question…I’m not that, and have played ‘solo’ DW with my partner for at least two years…we both have a number of level 3 characters who we run through non-GM’d scenarios we generate from various GM emulators and in the spirit of DW explore the world and find out what is happening. So intro over….few days ago we had visitors and took them through some scenarios and they immediately raised a point we had never considered……how do ‘monsters’ attack if the PC’s don’t engage in combat first.
  • Do they simply deal damage?
  • Do the PC’s defend? OR,
  • Do they use their attack moves (via the GM or in our case via our adherence to the fiction) and make a hack and slash move, or again do they simply deal damage? I appreciate this is maybe a simplistic question, but, we have never really thought about it before. Surely there is some mechanism outside the fiction that governs their method of determining whether an attack move on their part is successful?